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summary :

1 : gameplay

2 : how to play

3 : the devs


In the game "Sad Robo" two robots fight in a open 2d arena.

This is a 2d shooter game and if you are friend-less you can play with the work in progress AI.

You need to shoot your opponent until he has not more lives.


You shoot a small laser which auto-aim your opponent. And you can dash to your aiming cursor to move faster or to try a melee attack

You can tweak a lot of things such as : AI level, starting lives, game mode (beta).

ps : qwerty, azerty keyboard and controller are supported (controller still recommended).

While playing the first time you'll experience how special the shooting and dashing system is. This is a true gameplay choice which, as for us, turn "Sad Robo" into an original and demanding 2d shooter despite its minimalist level design.


Visuals and PixelArt : Anicet.N


by Evan King

Coding : Anicet.N

type of code used : css/html/js x phaser.js

contact me :

This game is open source and we are curious to know what you do with our game !

Don't be afraid to share things related to the game in the comments :)

Don't forget, this game is not a finished product, adjustments are planned !

I managed to put it on thanks to Julian ! 

You can visite his website he made a nice pokemon like game :

Roadmap :

Add collectables, more levels, more weapons or characters and maybe a story mode in a long time.

Development log


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Hello! I would like to try your game but I ran into the following error "No Friends". perhaps you can add a single player mode (just have the a separate instance that does random attacks and stuff). just a lil idea.


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ok well I'll try to implement this in the next version just for you xD also you can win by shooting 10 hearts, for now it is a bit laggy at the end (the end menu don't displays and the game restart) but you can actually train singleplayer ! Anyway a better ai than just a falling heart would be cool

what engine do you use. perhaps I could help.

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well I'm using phaser.js but I made the ai this morning now you can play with it :) Enjoy !