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This is a printable board game to play at home for free.

The concept

Engage in a 1vs1 battle to kill your opponent's pawns.

You choose your cards at the start and you play them to move your pawns across the board, or even to trigger special moves that will blow your opponent's mind.
This game is a precise and well balanced tactic playground, where only how far you can take control over the game's flow and course matters.

Cross the board's border to end up on the opposite side, then deliver a surprise attack to your opponent; Build a strong formation with your pawns and leave no safe space for your opponent; Play a "trap card" and try to break your opponent's plan; Or even bait him into killing one of your pawns to enable you to play your decisive move during the next turn.
The great variety of cards and tactics enables for an unlimited replayability.

Try it now!

Little preview of some of the available cards:

Have fun and let us know what you think!

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