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This game was entirely made during GMTK's 48hrs 2020 gamejam.

Elevator pitch

Imagine that you are in the House of Commons and you play John Bercow, the Speaker of the House. Shout at the mic in rythm and bring back order in the room for as long as you can.


  • Its like Guitar Hero, but you play with your microphone and your voice.
  • Combo and score system
  • Online leaderboard (The rest API for that was made during the jam)
  • Insane music and yelling
  • Menus and translations

How to play  

Yell while the white bars on the left track are crossing the middle of the left track.

THE GAME USES THE DEFAULT MIC, please check which one it is in control panel.

Punch with spacebar while the white bars on the right track are crossing the middle of the right track.

Yelling or punching while no white bars is crossing increases chaos.

Not yelling at all or not punching at all while a white rectangle crosses increases chaos faster.

Yelling or punching before/after their respective white bars crossed the middle will increase chaos pretty fast.

The team 

We are a team of four French computer science students and 1 French art student, most of whose had never made games before. 

  • Anicet Nougaret: Project lead, gameplay, game code, art https://twitter.com/AniC_dev
  • Vivi: Art, menus code, rest API
  • Antoine Després: Assistant, translator, rest API
  • OnlyNyze: Music, sounds, rest API
  • Mr Nargita: Voice acting

Behind the scenes

We used Godot Engine to make our game. We took inspiration from 3D visit of the House of Commons and videos of John Bercow.
The 3D virtual tour: https://www.parliament.uk/visiting/virtualtour/

If you don't know who John Bercow is:

When the theme "out of control" was announced, we quickly converged on the idea of making a game representing the House of Commons by playing John Bercow trying to bring calm!


Sorry for that,  I hope your ears are fine!


  • This game is apolitical and is made by 5 French students who have no opinion on british politics. We avoided politicaly oriented jokes, this game just makes fun of "parliament mayhem" in general.
  • This game is hard for newcomers to rythm games. Our best score is 8324
  • The API is kinda broken (you can see previous scores but can't see yours)


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the concept and the execution are hilarious :D i can't get very far but had a lot of fun trying

Thanks :)