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A narrative focused platformer made in only 1 month as part of both Github Game Off, November 2020  (theme constraint: "Moonshot") and Web Monetization Challenge, November 2020 (theme constraint: "Secrets")


Move -> Arrows / WASD / ZQSD / Xbox Left Stick

Jump -> UP / W / Z / Xbox B and A

Run -> SHIFT / Xbox L1 and R1

Climb -> Automatic, just jump with speed towards a ledge

Open/Close menu -> TAB / Xbox Start

Interact -> E / Xbox Y

You may need to use the mouse to navigate menus


  • 2D Platformer movement
  • Climbing
  • Multi-layer levels
  • Dialogues, Lore and NPCs
  • 4 secret artifacts hidden in the level
  • Day/Night cycle with a "neverending day" mechanic (see Moonshot)
  • Gas balloon top-down flights
  • Save/Load system made during the jam
  • Balloon skins (unlocked with web monetization)


Secrets and notes are scattered around the levels which encourages exploration and autonomy. This game gives you much freedom to enjoy its peaceful, yet visually rich world.


The game features a day/night cycle system. You start at dawn and once you reach midnight you are brought back to the start of the level. Still, the most interesting and rewarding part of the game, which is your balloon, is hard to reach in a full day. It pushes the player to plan and learn the level to get to the balloon and take off before it's too late to enjoy a long and peaceful flight.

Also, the lore and story of the game is centered around the survival of the space dream after civilization collapse. (Don't expect much from it thought, it was made in a month)

Updates & Issues

The game will be updated here until now:

The version on this page will stay the one I published before deadlines.

Follow us on twitter for future games!

Known issues

  • Talking to the Farmer makes your character freeze
    • FIX: Reload the game
  • You can't skip the credits cutscene
    • Sorry for that, it's not pointless tho because you have to listen to the speech playing during that part since it's interesting for the story
  • Various typos
    • Sorry for that, english is not my main language, please feel free to report them :)


Source code under an "All rights reserved" licence:

Our stuff

  • Anicet Nougaret - Design, Art, Story, Code, Additional SFX
  • Thibault Henrion - Balloon flight code and design

Public domain assets

Our game features public domain recordings of public domain classical pieces. All pieces found on

  • Interpreted by Olga Gurevich
    • Composed by Chopin
      • Grande Valse brillante in B flat minor
      • Nocturne in B flat minor
      • Waltz in B flat minor, Op. 69 no.2
    • Composed by Charles Mayer
      • Valse mélancolique - Le Regret
  • Interpreted by Paul Manjarrez
    • Composed by Alexander Scriabin
      • Fantasy in B Minor, Op 28.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorAnicet Nougaret
GenreAdventure, Platformer
Made withGodot
TagsFlight, Narrative, Nonlinear, Non violent, Pixel Art, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
LinksSource code


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oof there is a softlock area where when you talk to the old lady near the rocket launch area.

(1 edit)

Hey guess what its my 69th day aniversery

sucks i cant use the download cus im on myschools computer


when does this jam end for you to start updating this


oh wait nvm is this being updated now tho

soon, my IRL schedule is kinda heavy for a few weeks, but don't expect anything more than a few bugfixes

ok i respect that

(2 edits) (+1)

i made this. pixel art is my fave but i'm not that good at it so i like playing your game for inspiration so i might make your balloon with different designs.

i'm setting a personal goal for making a balloon like yours with different designs and styles

That could be a nice exercice ;)

how do i pronounce your name cus i keep thinking about it and just cant figure it out btw ive always been bad with names

it's a french name,



Such a lovely little game.
Great atmosphere & storytelling - the intro with parallax and Obama speech was very effective.
I adore the style you've gone for here (I'm a sucker for PixelArt) and I think you've used the higher resolution to great effect here.
Will be keeping an eye out for more from you in future!


Glad you liked the intro since a lot of work went into it too! There may be a sequel someday, but whatever happens I'll dig more into this game's aesthetics and gameplay


im making a game jam sppeciifiicly for pixel art


well its already published


really wish there was more. It is definitely a game that can be built upon. Good job!

Thanks :)


I fell onto the farmer and he started talking... stupid farmer

Haha yea stupid farmer


The freeze bug was disappointing but it was fun!

Thank you, always nice to see videos of your own game :)

make some game assets.

I could but not for free because I don't have much time :/

your game is cool


Thanks :)



I hear that, but Patience is always stronger than all caps ;)

(1 edit) (+1)

True/good game


this is a dnd campaign in the making

If you'd like to get inspiration from this feel free to do it :)


i'll try not to rip the plot wholesale, but its very good

(1 edit)

whats a dnd if its some sort of meme well yeaaaaaaa i dont watch or look at many memes until my brothers come home and are super ennoying but thats once the memes are ded

i'll try not to rip the plot wholesale, but its very good


This game was wonderful, calmed me down, but the thing is, I LOVE- HOW C H I L L it is, amazing game! This is My first time seeing your games. Awesome Dev!

Thanks! I'll male sure to expand on the idea and make more of it :)

yeahhh of course you love how chill it is your profile pic is bob ross

ngl your new prof pic is way better its young bakugo....               ....that reminds me to change mine to the dekupic i use on my school email and my xbox prof pic lol

will you add more btw fun

I'll try my best! Since I'm getting such good feedback I'll certainly try to make a full game out of this and release it in a year or so with more and even better content 

(1 edit) (+1)

This Game is AWESOME !!!


Glad that you loved it!



u reply quick ;)

The game is nice though it froze quite a lot.
Also I found the letter on the second screen mid air, which catapulted me out of the screen and froze the game again.
Would tremendously help if there were some bug-fixes ;)

Haha yea the catapult bug, I found it too x) Game jam games can be bugged, I'm just not allowed to update it here until the end of the votes :o Thanks for playing!


This looks really cool! Nicely done

If you were going to work on this I would improve the physics a bit, other than that fantastic job, pixel art is nice too

Yes I must admit the physics is not th strongest thing in this game... Thanks for playing!

I got softlock trapped between the old farmer man and a grass pixel. Also I wish there was more... game to the game, and a little bit of natural discovery, instead of "Get ready for this story it's gonna be so epic!"

I will say: the music and the art is beautiful. 



Amazing game dev :D 

Thanks :) Such a cool playthrough, it was very informative! Best of luck with your channel!

Thank you :D